TV Club: Veep’s frustrating finale promises a very familiar season seven

What does a comedy owe its audience? Ultimately, comedies are judged on whether they make people laugh, but what happens when those laughs come at the expense of character and canon? At the expense of viewers’ common sense? After five strong seasons, Veep has struggled this year, unable to build up the momentum and energy that fueled the end of each of the past few seasons. Selina has been listless and the season has mirrored her, taking one step forward and two back. The solution the writers come up with to address this and end season six is equal parts exciting and frustrating: Selina is back on the campaign trail, with Jonah throwing his hat into the ring for president as well. Veep has gotten a lot of mileage out of Selina and Jonah’s campaigns in the past—this is something the show knows how to do very well …

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