TV Club: Veep’s finale pulls the rug out from under Selina and viewers alike

Since the season four finale, Veep fans have been preparing for the twist teased throughout season five, Tom James’ finagling of Constitutional fine print to become the acting president after neither Selina nor Senator O’Brien manage to be elected by the House of Representatives. Instead, showrunner David Mandel goes another way, surprising both Selina and the audience when Senator Laura Montez becomes the acting president, sending Selina off to start a new chapter in her life. And there will be another chapter. HBO picked Veep up for season six before this season premiered, and Mandel has already confirmed the upcoming season will pick up with Selina post-presidency. “Inauguration” has an incredibly surreal feel to it, very consciously putting the viewers in Selina’s shoes. We keep waiting for a twist or last-minute save, for the episode to be revealed as a dream sequence or even an alternate timeline. But …

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