TV Club: Veep: “Tehran”

Capitalizing on the success of her peace talks with Israel in “East Wing”, “Tehran” sees Selina take the show on the road, going on a whirlwind diplomatic tour of the Middle East that culminates in a surprise visit to Iran. Team Meyer is riding high, with the President’s approval soaring and her campaign’s data mining scandal under wraps, for now. The season’s approach to the Meyer presidency has been surprising, to say the least. Rather than repeating her ineffectual reign as Vice President, Selina is thriving as President, as energized and effective as she’s ever been. Each victory, however, has brought with it scandal and secrets; if she fails to secure the Democratic nomination or loses the election, it won’t be because she’s unqualified or unsuited to the job. It’ll be because she’s much more concerned with maintaining her position than the …

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