TV Club: Veep: “Storms And Pancakes”

“Storms And Pancakes” picks up a week or so after “Convention,” with Selina and her new Vice Presidential candidate, Hugh Laurie’s Senator Tom James, hot on the campaign trail. James is proving to be as popular as promised, getting more laughs and bigger cheers at the campaign stops than Selina. “Convention” gave only a brief glimpse of James, but it would appear he’s as affable and sincere as those few scenes indicated. Laurie is good in the role, but it’s hard not to hope a more colorful character lurks within James’ straight-laced exterior. A few quirks have emerged—most notably his penchant for spouting off fun facts, which has started to spread through the Meyer team—but even after spending most of this episode with him, James still feels unexplored. Veep has traditionally been tentative about voicing its characters’ unfiltered opinions on issues and without his team …

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