TV Club: Veep: “Joint Session”

Selina Meyer and her frequently incompetent staff are back for another season of political maneuvering, and now that Selina’s ascended to the presidency, the stakes are higher than ever. “Joint Session” both acknowledges and backs away from this, centering on Selina’s first (and potentially, only) State of the Union address while relegating international incidents to single-line mentions from various members of staff. This approach works well: Selina may be under tremendous scrutiny and facing one of her biggest challenges yet, but though it’s a high-stress day for the team, the only people who’ll be directly impacted by their success or failure are the characters themselves. Given their track record, easing them into their new responsibilities can only be a good thing.

It’s hard to tell exactly how much time has passed between seasons. Selina is still giddy over her elevation, Gary isn’t adjusting well …

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