TV Club: Veep goes broad as Selina tries her hand at international politics

Veep has had an incredibly strong fifth season so far, maintaining the show’s distinct voice and rhythms despite its change in showrunner. Unfortunately, the season hits its first tonal speedbump with “Camp David,” as Selina heads off to the famed retreat for a family getaway, her vacation a cover for secret negotiations with the Chinese. We follow Selina as she juggles familial responsibilities with her duties as president, but the clandestine nature of the negotiations leaves her senior staff isolated, hidden away in cabins and waiting to react to the actions of the guest cast. This holding pattern extends to Jonah’s campaign, as Dan, Jeff, and new addition Amy all but throw in the towel after Jonah literally shoots himself in the foot, until the NRA unexpectedly swoops in and saves the day. Coming after the vicious and pointed “Congressional Ball,” the broad tone of this episode is …

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