TV Club: Veep: “Data”

Coming off of the hilarious “East Wing,” “Data” had a lot to live up to and while it may not top its predecessor, this is another strong episode in what has been a fantastic start to season four. Whereas “East Wing” split the cast and focused on disparate, one-on-one interactions, “Data” unifies the ensemble, tying nearly every scene back to the scandal surrounding a government data breach perpetrated by the Meyer campaign. Set over the course of Easter weekend, tension builds throughout the episode as the stakes continue to rise until Selina and her team are faced with a potentially administration-ending situation. It’s hard to believe an error of this magnitude could happen—why would Selina ever use an un-vetted anecdote?—and the episode’s early lampshading of this, via Ericsson, doesn’t do much to counter that skepticism. However the escalation of the problem from unfortunate misstatement to …

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