TV Club: Veep, “Convention”

Ever since word broke that Hugh Laurie would be heading to Veep season four, fans have been awaiting his arrival with bated breath. Known to mainstream American audiences for House, Laurie is beloved by comedy fans for his fantastic work on Blackadder, Jeeves And Wooster, and A Bit Of Fry And Laurie. Though his background makes him a natural fit for the series, Laurie’s much ballyhooed arrival as Sen. Tom James comes partway through the season’s weakest installment and fans will have to wait one more episode to see the character fully in action. From his few scenes here, James appears to be a straightforward and likable figure, a contrast to the returning Danny Chung and Gen. Maddox. It’s difficult to say much more about him, however, as everything from Laurie’s accent to the character’s name is decidedly neutral. More is sure to come with …

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