TV Club: UnREAL’s suitor and contestants raise the stakes on a dynamic second season

If this second season of UnREAL is focusing on Quinn and Rachel, at least this episode throws more about the suitor and the contestants into the mix. And it is a fascinating mix, so far including a Southern racist, a black activist, a black debutante, a football princess, and Hot Rachel, who just wants to get into the suitor’s field of play. Yes, we have another suitor trying to make good after a scandal (just like bad-boy heir Adam last year), but Darius is so much more impressive than his predecessor. I went back and watched last year’s premiere, which I remember loving at the time. It seems downright tame compared to this season.

Not only is Darius more attractive and formidable than Adam (that move with the white shirt to cover up Beth Ann was swoon-worthy), the social implications of the various levels of prejudice played out …

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