TV Club: UnREAL: “Savior”

As enjoyable as UnREAL has been in its first season, many (including myself) believe the show took its first major misstep with last week’s episode, “Fly.” After many tasteless promos pushing the fact that “You don’t want to miss the last 30 seconds!”, the episode ended with the suicide of Mary, the unstable single mother with a young daughter and abusive ex-husband. Having Mary literally slip out of Rachel’s grasp, after becoming unhinged due to Shia’s swapping out of her meds, swung UnREAL from the bitchy fun zone into an extremely dark territory. The question this week: Can UnREAL bounce back?

The interesting premise of UnREAL has always been: What really happens behind the scenes of a Bachelor-like reality show? So this week we get to explore: What in the hell would happen if a contestant committed suicide? Honestly, things appear to progress in a …

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