TV Club: UnREAL: “Princess”

The unreality of UnREAL takes center stage this week, in a world where wind can be stopped, horse-riding and orgasms are faked, and unstoppable rain pours in to ruin an idyllic artificial setting. Rachel washes her hands in what appears to be a normal kitchen, but when the camera zooms out, we see that although the sink is real, the rest of the setting is a sham. Even the tattoos the crew get have the wrong dog on them Nothing is as it should be, in a real world that makes some sort of sense.

It’s a theme UnREAL has been playing with all season (hence the show title), but with only one episode to go until the finale, “Princess” pulls out all the stops. Even the episode title is a lie, as whoever Adam chooses won’t actually be a real princess. The single-word dream of many a …

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