TV Club: UnREAL: “Fly”

Monday was a significant day for UnREAL. First, Lifetime renewed the show for a second 10-episode season, citing the enthusiastic critical response and healthy DVR viewership as the reasons for granting the renewal despite the show’s dismal live numbers. Then, UnREAL premiered its sixth episode, “Fly,” the first episode to make me question whether the prospect of a second season is something I’m even interested in.

Since the show began, its dark-and-darker tones were of concern, not because a show with this premise should necessarily be cheerier, but because the writers seemed to be striving to out-OMG the previous episode’s jaw-dropping moment. Rapid, breathless escalation is the way television storytelling is done now, so UnREAL isn’t egregious in this regard. But this show is about the artifice of romantic reality television, and it presents itself as an emotionally authentic scripted alternative to a show like The …

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