TV Club: Unlike its competition, The Late Show With Stephen Colbert has a host that matters

Like the 2016 U.S. presidential race, it’s still way too early to say anything certain or definitive about The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Television shows live in a constant state of adaptation and evolution, and that goes double for late-night talk shows. A year from now, The Late Show could look completely different from what Colbert and team presented in their first five episodes. Perhaps he’ll start opening the show from behind the desk. Maybe he’ll decide that David Letterman was right to have his desk on the other side of the Ed Sullivan Theater’s stage. Maybe the show will be visited by a tiny green space alien named Ozmodiar that only bandleader Jon Batiste can see. The possibilities are endless—within the finite and relatively rigid bounds of a decades-old format, of course. Some adjustments are already happening on the fly: In what …

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