TV Club: Underground searches for justice—and a savior

Underground returned last week with a bang and a whimper—the resistance lost a valuable ally when John Hawkes was murdered, and Elizabeth has been devastated. In the immediate aftermath, with the gunshot still ringing in her ears, she sits motionless on the steps of the courthouse, the same courthouse where she regularly met John. Elizabeth is hurt and angry, and looking for someone to blame. She doesn’t quite end up setting her sights on Rosalee, though she is peeved that John’s niece can’t make his funeral. But the way Rosalee hangs her head when talking about John suggests she feels guilty that he was killed after their attempt to rescue Noah.

“Things Unsaid” makes us sit with Elizabeth’s grief, where we see her rejecting the comfort of others while also refusing to acknowledge that she’s in mourning. She won’t make the funeral arrangements …

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