TV Club: Under The Dome: “The Enemy Within”

After 39 episodes covering the most eventful four weeks in the history of Chester’s Mill, we find ourselves Domeless. Many questions raised over the past three seasons still remained to be answered in this final hour, but let’s face it: most of them were stupid and long-forgotten. The only real question left was whether Under The Dome could deliver one last head-scratching episode chock-full of ridiculousness. On that score, “The Enemy Within” delivered the goods, although anyone hoping for a truly satisfying resolution (and surely no one still watching dared hope for that) was instead left with the seeds of what may, in the fullness of time, in this age where no TV show ever truly dies, someday sprout into AfterDome.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. When last we checked in with Chester’s Mill, Barbie’s daughter had grown overnight into the spitting image …

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