TV Club: Under The Dome: “Plan B”

“Plan B” isn’t a title that should fill Under The Dome viewers with confidence, especially since we’ve reached the part of the season by which the writers have traditionally already plowed through Plans C, D and F. This year has been a little different in that the creative team has hammered out a more-or-less workable arc on which to hang the usual dome-related nonsense, but this week the seams are definitely starting to show. For all the frantic action in this episode, not much of consequence transpires.

There are two significant developments, one of which is incredibly silly while the other is merely tedious. The silly one: Eva is pregnant, despite the fact that she and Barbie only had sex for the first time the previous day. How could such a thing happen? Because dome! As Christine explains, this is no ordinary pregnancy but rather a rapidly accelerated …

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