TV Club: Under The Dome: “Love Is A Battlefield”

This may not have been the worst Under The Dome episode of the season but it was undoubtedly the dullest, with “twists” so repetitive even the writers must have been falling asleep by the time they got to the end. When the highlight of the week is Joe jamming out to the Pat Benatar song that gives the episode its title, something has gone very wrong.

Having drained the life force from twelve female members of the Kinship, Eva’s baby is ready to hatch after the world’s shortest pregnancy. (Maybe hatch isn’t quite the right word, but I just can’t forget all that time we spent with the egg.) Barbie still has hopes of snapping Eva out of her trance so they can raise the baby together instead of turning the new queen over to the Kinship. (How exactly this was going to work out now …

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