TV Club: Under The Dome: “Legacy”

It’s been a while since Under The Dome embraced the nonsense quite as shamelessly as it did tonight. In the span of an hour we were introduced to yet another villain conjured out of thin air, witnessed a fertility ceremony straight out of a ’70s horror movie, and were treated to a string of bizarre flashbacks as the show coughed up a few more indigestible hunks of exposition. It’s as if the writers, after sticking to a generally straightforward narrative for much of the season, finally said, “Screw it! This is Dome! Let’s dome our asses off!”

This throwback Thursday opens with a cured Barbie getting all lovey-dovey with Julia in the woods before heading back into town to maintain his cover as a member of the kinship. He knows he’s going to be a father (and Julia explains about the whole “birth of the new …

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