TV Club: Under The Dome: “Ejecta”

“Ejecta” may not be the weirdest Under The Dome episode ever, but it’s probably the weirdest episode that didn’t make me want to hunt down the writers and take away their laptops. It would be a stretch to say the show has attained respectability, but tonight’s episode had its share of oddly compelling moments and genuinely entertaining developments. On the surface it’s yet another “disaster-of-the-week” installment, given that the primary plot point is a meteor shower that apparently wipes out all life on Earth outside the dome. But the key words there are “outside the dome”; this is a muted, abstracted apocalypse that our characters can only process in a detached manner, at least until the final act when Barbie comes face to face with survivors only inches away but impossibly out of reach.

The extinction event, as Eva terms it, is instantly recognizable to those …

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