TV Club: Under The Dome: “Caged”

So far, at least, the third season of Under The Dome is a much more streamlined, competent piece of storytelling than its predecessors. Its arc is derivative as hell, but at least it exists: There’s a shape to the narrative rather than a desperate flailing from one direction to another. Whether this actually constitutes an improvement rather than a lateral move is still up for grabs. It’s not as if the writing and the acting have improved all that much, but they’re now in service of something more…normal. But is that really what we want from our Dome?

That’s not to say the show has completely abandoned its nuttier side, not in an episode where Big Jim slices open mad scientist Frank Whaley’s neck with an onion dip lid. For the most part, however, “Caged” follows a predictable pattern. There are those who are …

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