TV Club: Under The Dome: “Breaking Point”

Many readers were understandably concerned last week when regular Under The Dome reviewer Scott Von Doviak appeared to be enjoying watching this program, and even gave it a B+. Jaws were dropped, foreheads were smacked, monocles fell into bowls of soup.

But compared to what we’ve been through over the past few years/three weeks with the Dome, it’s understandable that most can view the Dome‘s current activities as an upswing. I mean, a few seasons/weeks ago, Junior was going to lynch Barbie, for crying out loud. Now they’re allies. The “resistance,” sorry state that it is, consists of Julia, Norrie, and Joe, led by Big Jim, another strange bedfellow.

Also the caves, the pods, the purple glowy things, and random lilac boulders in wheelbarrows in the woods have this great combination of being slightly cool and hilariously cheesy. Christine punching her arm out of …

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