TV Club: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: “Kimmy Kisses A Boy!”

For the past few episodes, Kimmy has made pretty significant strides in life. Rather quickly, she got a job and a new apartment. She still struggles with nightmares and startles easily, but she hasn’t let New York City swallow her whole. Now, she even has a cute boy who kisses her in the cereal pantry. But when fellow mole woman Cyndee Pokorny arrives, Kimmy starts to realize maybe she’s not all that well adjusted after all.

Cyndee’s post-bunker successes, of course, are largely based on a lie. Her seemingly perfect boyfriend Brandon is very obviously gay (“I’m just a regular guy. I like NASCAR and fishing. You know, quoting Borat, setting up universal remotes. And of course, Vegas, baby!”). But “Kimmy Kisses A Boy!” shows that there isn’t just one way to assimilate back into normal life after tragedy. Kimmy thinks she needs to protect …

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