TV Club: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: “Kimmy Is Bad At Math!”

With the exception of the bunker scenes, we haven’t seen Kimmy develop meaningful relationships with the people around her. Yes, Kimmy is super friendly, able to talk to anyone. But the writers have put a lot more effort into developing her as a person than developing and justifying the interpersonal relationships on the show. “Kimmy Is Bad At Math!” does some much needed relationship work. Kimmy has met a lot of people in her new life in New York City—Titus, Jacqueline, Lillian—but those relationships haven’t been very well defined. Her friendship with Titus happens super quickly and still remains pretty nebulous. This episode, at least, focuses in on Kimmy’s relationship with Jacqueline. Until now, it was kind of unclear what Jacqueline’s role was in this world. Jane Krakowski is obviously hilarious, but with the exception of the confusing and poorly executed Native American plotline …

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