TV Club: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: “Kimmy Has A Birthday!”

Aside from the initial news footage we see during the opening credits sequence every week, we don’t know a lot about what happened on the day Kimmy and the other mole women left the bunker. In the first few days after the series premiered, I saw a lot of people asking where the hell Kimmy’s family was. For me, the question wasn’t all that pressing. I trusted the show to explain her family absence eventually, but I also felt like the answer didn’t really matter that much. Since the beginning, Kimmy Schmidt has been a show about a woman reclaiming her life and marching forward. Any real attachment to her past life in Durnesville would be unnecessary weight and wouldn’t have given the character that initial freedom to choose her new NYC life.

So I figured there was some context for the lack of a …

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