TV Club: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: “Kimmy Goes To The Doctor!”

After the intro sequence in “Kimmy Goes To The Doctor!,” Kimmy watches a commercial on her new television for Buhbreeze, a spoof on Febreze air freshener. The spoof becomes a recurring joke throughout the episode, but it also helps Kimmy realize that trying to change your outer appearance doesn’t fix your inner problems. You can’t Buhbreeze your life.

Martin Short plays Sidney Frampf (spelled Grant, but pronounced Frampf), the straight up terrifying plastic surgeon who convinces Kimmy he can get rid of her “scream lines.” Jacqueline introduces her to him when she goes in to have her toes tucked or reduced or altered in some sort of way so her garbage husband Julian will like them more. Kimmy’s intrigued by the idea of removing her scream lines, but when a talent agent recognizes her as one of the mole women, she goes one step further: She wants …

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