TV Club: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: “Kimmy Goes On A Date!”

“Kimmy Goes On A Date!” begins with Kimmy waking up from a nightmare to find herself strangling Titus. It turns out she has been having a lot of nightmares since leaving the bunker, so Kimmy tries to work through some of her issues, afraid that she’ll never be normal.

Underneath the jokes, there’s some really depressing stuff going on for Kimmy. Feeling like she needs to talk to someone about her experiences—other than herself—she tells Siri she is one of the mole women. Siri’s response: “That’s messed up.” So not even that jerk Siri will listen to her. Finally, she finds someone to talk to when Jacqueline sets her up with a very old but very rich bachelor. On their lunch date, Kimmy realizes Grant Belden thinks he’s still in the war and also feeds treats to an invisible dog. She can tell …

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