TV Club: Uhtred forgets to protect his neck on The Last Kingdom

There’s been a single question dominating The Last Kingdom for the last few episodes: when will Uhtred learn? Time and again Uhtred has sacrificed and made rash decisions in the hopes of reclaiming Bebbanburg as his own, and yet time and again he’s been given the short end of the stick. Sure, his loyalty to Alfred awarded him a wife and son, but as one of Alfred’s priests notes when he’s sent to fetch Uhtred, his land isn’t much to bear witness to. Uhtred has given up much for little in return, and his murderous rage at the end of last week’s episode was the physical manifestation of all his pent up frustration.

“Episode 6” doesn’t exactly deal with the consequences of that killing directly—more on that as the series continues—but it does present a different version of Uhtred. I’ve …

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