TV Club: Two Survivor episodes are better than one, at least during this great season

For anyone worried CBS was burning off two sub-par episodes the night before Thanksgiving, fear not: This season’s quality streak continues apace, with two great episodes that end with either an epic blindside or an epic mistake (or maybe a little bit of both). If the two episodes have anything in common, it’s that both send one of the season’s big, vocal strategists home. The difference? That the first episode emphasizes how important voting blocs have been to this season, while the strategy in the second is far more aligned with the entrenched idea of long-term alliances.

Take the first hour, which immediately reinforces the voting bloc ideology by having Jeremy walk back his voting alliance with Ciera immediately in order to get Tasha back on their side. This is quickly juxtaposed by Ciera’s desire to go after Stephen, despite them voting together the week before …

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