TV Club: Twin Peaks says “Let’s rock” and lets it roll

No matter what you expected from the return of Twin Peaks, it probably wasn’t The Gordon And Albert Show. But for better or worse, The Gordon And Albert Show is what we’re getting, and I’m finding it strangely fascinating. The dynamic between these two longtime colleagues and friends is rock-solid, impervious to the sometimes sharp words they exchange, and deeply, affectionately respectful. In “The Return: Part 12,” they formally extend that respect to their junior colleague, letting Tammy in on the secrets that arose in the wake of Project Blue Book and inviting her to join the Blue Rose task force.

(Miguel Ferrer, Chrysta Bell, David Lynch) (Screenshot: Twin Peaks)

This was bound to happen, but there’s real weight in letting Albert share the news with her while Gordon sits on, the quiet, proud mentor. Albert’s speech violates the standard rule of show, don’t …

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