TV Club: Twin Peaks’ procedural is—and always was—a vehicle for a greater mystery

Coffee. Agent. Case files. These are the words that Dale Cooper clings to as he’s pushed through the world in place of Dougie Jones. Appropriately for a story of one man stumbling around in another man’s being, “The Return, Part 5” focuses on vehicles. The first words of the “The Return, Part 5” are spoken by Gene, who planted a sinister device on Dougie Jones’ car. “I just drove by. His car’s still there.” And so it is, scrutinized by the neglected little boy squatting with his mother in an empty house across the street.

(Sawyer Shipman) (Screenshot: Twin Peaks)

The camera (like every episode of the revival, “Part 5” is directed by David Lynch) parallels the cars of the toughs targeting Dougie and the hapless car thieves who end up triggering the car bomb intended for him. Filmed from the same angles, both muscle cars creep …

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