TV Club: Twin Peaks is showing us its strange, familiar face again

The most striking characteristic of the Twin Peaks revival is its patience. The series has always been more interested in creating mysteries for viewers to lose themselves in than in solving them for us. In the series’ return, co-creators and writers Mark Frost and David Lynch have let that patient, meditative approach to storytelling expand to hilarious, exhausting, even distressing lengths. It’s devastating, and I love it. But “The Return, Part 7” is nowhere near as cryptic as it could be.

Sweeping up the Bang Bang Bar (Screenshot: Twin Peaks)

This episode even makes a subtle spectacle of its accessibility. After six episodes ending with music playing in The Bang Bang Bar, the audience should be primed to expect “Part 7”’s late-in-the-episode roadhouse scene to signal the ending. If it were, it would be an audacious ending, long empty minutes as an employee patiently sweeps up the empty …

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