TV Club: Turn: “Thoughts Of A Free Man”/“Hard Boiled”

There’s a certain psychology to television renewals that makes them invaluable to networks hoping to add fuel to a dying fire. The order of an additional season suggests momentum even in the absence of any other evidence. It suggests that one of several phenomena is taking place: people are watching, critics are buzzing, quality storytelling is happening, and you’re not there to see it. Such is the case with AMC’s decision to renew Turn, which is reupped along with its other middling period drama, Halt And Catch Fire. Neither show coalesced in the first year, but were both granted a second year to change their fates in the face of what feels like widespread ambivalence.

Turn—the network now prefers the more descriptive Turn: Washington’s Spies—is all about that kind of psychological gamesmanship. Victories in wars, even one as massive and consequential as the Revolutionary …

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