TV Club: Tulip gets angry and Jesse gets proactive on Preacher

All right, that’s better. “Monster Swamp” isn’t a masterpiece of cohesion; there are maybe half a dozen different storylines going on, some of them more obviously relevant than others. But each of those storylines basically make sense, and a few of them end up going in surprising, and satisfying, directions. The show still feels like it’s trying to build up too much at once, throwing in character work about unrequited love in with the same emphasis and attention as a plot about a dead woman, or the one about two incompetent angels. That sort of democratic approach is noble in its idealism, but results in an uneven hour.

Thankfully there are fewer downs than ups, and even the downs more ebbs in energy than outright doldrums. The cold open fits in with the show’s self-consciously desperate need to grab audience attention (at some point, I wonder …

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