TV Club: True Detective: “Omega Station”

Most of the official images released ahead of this season finale show its characters sitting in thought, hands together as if in an attitude of prayer. Looking at the net of collusion tightening around the surviving leads of True Detective, divine intervention seems the only way out of this mess. Ani Bezzerides is wanted for murder; so is Ray Velcoro. Frank Semyon is cleaned out by gangsters and crooked politicians and watching his back every second. Paul is dead after an underground confrontation with the forces behind the conspiracy.

Appropriately, “Omega Station” is suffused with religious images and allusions. Determined not to leave Frank’s side, Jordan spits out “Fuck your martyrdom,” and he leads her through the rich wood tones and coffered ceilings of the small station, reminiscent of a church, to sit on a pew. There, he confesses the truth. “I cannot do the things I have to …

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