TV Club: True Detective: “Maybe Tomorrow”

Tonight, HBO offers another lesson to aspiring TV coroners everywhere: Don’t declare a character dead until you’ve seen a bodybag, a corpse, or a corpse in a bodybag. After the best dream sequence of the summer, “Maybe Tomorrow” gets right to the point: Ray Velcoro survived the ambush at the end of “Night Finds You,” a bruised chest and some wet pants aside. Considering on how that attack was greeted seven days ago, Detective Velcoro’s response to Monster Mike’s Morning Mash-up—“Pissed myself”—sounds about right.

I didn’t dwell long on the shooting last week, because I was at unfair advantage regarding its outcome. Prior to the return of True Detective, HBO sent the first three episodes of season two to critics. Floored by a second episode that seemingly killed off a character whose casting was the subject of endless speculation, I jumped right into …

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