TV Club: True Detective: “Down Will Come”

The closing shootout of “Down Will Come” is the second round of True Detective in a nutshell. As the detail wastes ammo and people in the pursuit of Ledo Amarilla, it’s five seconds of “Whoa, cool!” followed by two seconds of “Whoa, really?”, on a loop. The episode aims to impress with its gonzo gun show, but the amount of carnage borders on self-parody. In the hands of someone like Edgar Wright, the big finale would be the comedic set-piece of the year. Helmed by Jeremy Podeswa, the man behind the camera for 2015’s most controversial Game Of Thrones episode, it’s so over-the-top it can’t help but entertain.

And because True Detective still fancies itself the thinking person’s cop show, there’s some genuine thoughtfulness mixed in with the splattered cranial matter. Paul can’t run from the things he did overseas—personal and professional …

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