TV Club: Triumph’s Election Special 2016 poops on politics for too long

It takes a certain constitution to do confrontational comedy. For Robert Smigel, himself an established and respected comedy writer and performer, the character of Triumph The Insult Comic Dog has provided him with an outlet for his love of making people uncomfortable for almost two decades. The crude (in both senses) hand puppet—identified by reliable sources as a Montenegrin Mountain Hound—sports a caustic Eastern European accent, an ever-present cigar that falls out whenever Smigel moves the dog’s mouth, and a repertoire of hacky catchphrases (“For me to poop on,” “I keed, I keed”) culled from the dregs of a Friars Club dais. Shoving a microphone in the faces of people most likely to provide fodder for Smigel’s taste for mischief, Triumph is at once a show business parody of lazy insult comics and a mouthpiece for Smigel’s own love of same.

He’s also a …

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