TV Club: Trial & Error skates merrily through its first two episodes, finding the comedy in a killing

Death, as a rule, is not funny. It’s certainly not funny when it happens to you or to someone you love, and statistically speaking, it’s generally not funny at all. Laughing in the face of death is one thing, but to actually laugh when death has taken a victim… Well, that’s just cruel.

Mind you, in making these statements, we’re talking about reality. Once you get into fiction, all bets are off, which is why it’s so easy to laugh at Trial & Error without feeling guilty about it.

Also helpful: the fact that it’s really funny.

To borrow a line from the very beginning of the pilot episode, Trial & Error tells the story of “a big crime in a small town,” setting its sights on a lanky gentleman by the name of Larry Henderson (John Lithgow), a poetry professor at East Peck …

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