TV Club: Trial & Error rests its case, wraps its first season, and comes out victorious

Time flies when a network blows through two—sometimes even three—episodes of a series per week, and thus we’ve already reached the end of Trial & Error‘s first season. In a perfect world, this would be the first of many seasons for the series, but if justice should fail to prevail on that front, at least we got an ending that feels comfortably like a conclusion.

At the end of last episode, Larry was claiming that he had indeed killed Margaret, resulting in Carol Anne screaming, “Yes!” and Mitchell setting off the champagne, which is a perfectly appropriate reaction to what appeared to be an instant win for them. But in a moment straight out of Spartacus, not only did Summer repeat her confession, but Dwayne promptly did the same. Anne did not. She did, however, walk into the courtroom backwards, providing us with one more malady …

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