TV Club: Trial & Error finds a new suspect and adds another twist to the mystery

There are a lot of things that attorneys shouldn’t be caught doing when they’re in the midst of preparing a case, but one that’s surely near the top of that to-don’t-do list is withholding information. Unfortunately, this is the first thing that Josh does when we see him this week, making the decision to not rush over to Carol Anne’s office and tell her that they’ve found Larry’s purported “murdering stick.” Worse, she’s now got financial backing from Jeremiah Davis, who’s decided to offer a $50,000 reward to whosoever findeth the “murdering stick,” which is the sort of sum that – let’s face it – could potentially turn someone on Josh’s team to the dark side. If only there was some way to lend credence to Larry’s theory that his wife committed suicide by hitting herself over the head …

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