TV Club: Trial & Error fills its latest episodes with even more laughs than last week’s installments

Given the recent revelation that his wife had been having an affair, it would be reasonable enough for Larry to have transformed into a bitter shell of the husband he once was, but despite Margaret’s infidelity, his first reaction to the sight of her grave is simply to grow disgruntled over the fact that it’s surrounded by tulips, her most hated of all flowers…and apparently just about her most hated thing, period, to hear Larry tell it. (“It went racism, then tulips.”)

As we soon discover, the presence of tulips – which, in an incredibly sinister touch, are also carved into the headstone itself – was the work of Margaret’s brother, Jeremiah, who intentionally chose them to torture Larry. Of course, at least as traumatizing is the inscription for Margaret’s headstone, which – as you might be able to tell – Jeremiah was also in charge of selecting:


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