TV Club: Transparent reintroduces the Pfefferman children, who really need to listen to their bodies

After a premiere focused primarily on Maura, the third season of Transparent widens its gaze to show us what the other Pfeffermans have been up to: pretty much exactly what you’d expect. Sarah has thrown herself into her work with the synagogue and friendship with Raquel, Josh is isolated and frustrated with his job, and Ali is still banging Leslie and talking about high-flying academic concepts she doesn’t quite understand. Also, everyone is fighting with each other. Fun times for the whole family!

“When The Battle Is Over” opens at the hospital, where Maura is having a less-than-pleasant experience after her collapse. Not only has she been misgendered, the hospital staff hasn’t even bothered to spell her name right. Bri shows up (Maura gave the EMTs the phone number of their parents’ house), and immediately begins sniping with her sister—precipitating a scene later in the episode …

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