TV Club: Tragedy answers tragedy in a chilling Returned climax

In its exploration of grief, The Returned has reached the bargaining stage. It might be reductive to apply something as rigid as the Kübler-Ross model to the show’s murky mythology, or the flexible “rules” of its living dead—after all, The Returned‘s emotional baseline is depression, the Kübler-Ross stage that follows bargaining, and if the show was really working through all five stages, it only has one more episode to reach the final two. (And nearly every preceding episode argues that no one here will ever be ready for acceptance.) But the story of “Etienne” is that of a community seeking extreme measures to avoid further grieving. They make the ultimate sacrifice to compensate for the loss of their loved ones, with one individual in particular leading the charge.

The seventh episode of The Returned‘s second season finally introduces the engineer of the show’s damned dam …

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