TV Club: Tragedy and twists trip up Luke Cage

Episode 10, “Take it Personal,” wrestles with the theme “tragedy can be exploited for personal gain” and the most palpable exploration of this theme is Mariah becoming more entwined with Diamondback. She’s using the language of black pain and black mourning to create a frenzy within the police and the public to find Luke Cage, a man she framed for murder. Dr. Burstein tries to convince Luke and Claire to become his test subject and research assistant, respectively, claiming that they can cure cancer using Luke’s DNA. Dr. Burstein is hiding a secret about Reva to avoid destroying Luke’s world or to keep him reliant on Dr. Burstein as a source of information. Prisoners being experimented on in the first place is certainly a gross exploitation of an unfortunate situation. These storylines are worthwhile explorations within Luke Cage but something is just off. Some of it stems …

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