TV Club: Tragedy abounds on a violent The Expanse

What the hell is going on with Amos? There’s a story there that we don’t have all the pieces of; something to do with his parents, and a woman named Lydia Maalouf. With Miller gone, Amos is arguably the most interesting member of the Rocinante’s crew. He’s unpredictable, and his sudden swerves of intention reveal something boiling underneath the surface—a temper that’s motivated by some distant betrayal or tragedy. Sometimes I wonder if someone messed with his brain ala Dr. Cortazar. Amos isn’t nearly as detached as the empath-free scientist, but he’s moving to a different rhythm than everyone else. That makes him useful when he agrees with you, and dangerous when he doesn’t.

“Pyre” doesn’t give us any concrete answers on what’s driving him, but it does give us more evidence that something’s wrong. Ever since that …

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