TV Club: Tom Hanks swoops in to save us on a great Saturday Night Live

“I’m not an actor, I’m a [staggeringly famous and beloved movie] star!”

You know, you never realize just how much you need Tom Hanks until he’s back on Saturday Night Live. Sure, sure, he’s got the Oscars, and he’s saving a plane full of people, or a spaceship full of people, or all the people (as in his newest Dan Brown movie, which, okay, maybe we don’t need). But, blessedly, Hanks has never lost his inner goofball, and, tonight, in his ninth hosting appearance, he was the Hanks we need right now.

In his monologue, Hanks parlayed his recent magazine cover title as “America’s Dad” into a bit that was funny and, oddly touching, as he sat down his son (America) and reassured the offscreen lad that everything’s gonna be all right. It’s a cleverly written bit, with Hanks telling his …

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