TV Club: Togetherness: “Insanity”

We all have moments in our day-to-day lives where we do something we know is going over the line. Rushing up to talk to someone we shouldn’t be talking to; ditching our responsibilities, even for a few hours; doing a massive favor for someone that inconveniences us. Last night I sang not one, not two, but three karaoke songs. The big question remains: Why do we do these things? This third episode of Togetherness is titled “Insanity,” but we can dig a little deeper to find further justification for these kinds of behaviors.

For example:

  • Desperation: Alex pesters a big-shot producer (Peter Gallagher) at a party because he needs to get work so badly.
  • Independence: Michelle goes off on her own for a few hours, pretending even for a short while that she’s solitary.
  • Love: Alex has fallen for Tina, which is the only thing that could make …

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