TV Club: Togetherness: “Handcuffs”

After a nicely paced introductory episode, Togetherness dives right in to its second, offering shocking moments like coyote encounters, marital spanking, and the throwing away of entire pizzas. The episode title, “Handcuffs,” refers not only to spanking props but all of the things that bind us and keep us from what we really want to do.

All the characters we saw last week needed something shocking to break them out of their respective ruts. Michelle was the first to try, with her Fifty Shades Of Gray masturbation attempt. Now she needs to get laid, as her sister correctly points out, but she needs to get laid in her own way. Overwhelmed by everyone in her family, no privacy, the constant demands of children, plus her new houseguests (including a sister that barges into her room and eats food right off her plate), she finds one refuge where she can finally …

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