TV Club: Togetherness: “Family Day”

When we’re kids and “growing up,” most of us think we will eventually reach a point when we know all the answers. We may mistakenly believe this state to be “adulthood,” some advanced age of approaching enlightenment that will explain everything. But as we get older, we may terrifyingly discover we’re not where we thought we’d be at 27, or 32, or 42, and we get a sinking feeling that we may never have all the answers. Then the stunning realization finally arrives: No one does. Even the people we think are completely put together, who have appear to have life all figured out, are most likely winging it as much as the rest of us.

Such is the state of our four main characters on Togetherness, the new HBO Duplass brothers comedy that offers a small slice of life of four adults who are still trying …

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