TV Club: Tina Belcher casts a spell on tonight’s Bob’s Burgers

Mr. Ambrose is such a bizarrely wonderful asset for Bob’s Burgers. He’s technically an adult, which lends his absurd suggestions and demonstrably awful advice a thin sheen of credibility. “Teen-A-Witch” doesn’t ask the audience to take even remotely seriously that Tina is an actual witch, but it does need to provide something that can let us suspend disbelief and not believe this is the dumbest plotline imaginable. If, say, Daryl lets Tina in on the secrets of witch powers, the whole concept is a little too silly to buy into. But Mr. Ambrose simultaneously yelling and whispering about being a witch gives Tina permission to buy into the whole thing completely and not look like a total moron in the eyes of viewers because, hey, someone who really ought to know better is even more into it than she is. His role as instigator for tonight’s …

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